Eddie Harran

Explorer-in-Residence @ Deloitte Centre for the Edge Australia


Intro Entry( v0.2) -17/01/15

Hello there #samehuman,. Thanks for visiting my page and welcome to my little home on the noosphere.

I sit somewhere in the grey area between a futurist, philosopher, designer and artist.   I help people, organisations and communities make awesome stuff happen.

My deepest purpose, and what drives everything I do,  is to be a positive force in life - and for life.

I am currently based in Melbourne, Australia, but I tend to travel any chance I get.

In Q1 2015, I am learning about #GTD, #PKM, financial integrity, business innovation, @drtime_, health, and relearning the art of having fun.

I act a strategic advisor for a number of high-impact ventures. If there is some alignment between us and you would like to work together, please get in touch - eddieharran at gmail dot com

I engage with a global community of innovators and weirdos through twitter and facebook. Come say hello and introduce yourself.

If you would like to learn more about my professional background, feel free to stalk me on - Linkedin.